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Trans Ocean Network Partnering With Ocean Networks for Caribbean Express

May 05, 2021

Trans Ocean Network will provide landing party services and infrastructure for the Caribbean Express (CX) submarine cable system.

Trans Ocean Network Press Release
April 28, 2021

Republic of Panama – Trans Ocean Network and Ocean Networks, Inc. announced today that the companies have signed an MOU for Trans Ocean Network to provide landing party services and infrastructure in the Republic of Panama for the Caribbean Express (CX) submarine cable system. Under the terms of the MOU, Ocean Networks will lease space in the Trans Ocean Network cable stations and procure 18 fiber pairs on diverse routes across Panama connecting Maria Chiquita in the Caribbean to Corozal in the Pacific.

The CX system will have 18-fiber pairs utilizing Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) technology. Initially the system will connect West Palm Beach (Florida), Balboa (Panama), Cancun (Mexico), and Cartagena (Colombia). The system is designed for future connectivity to the Bahamas, Guatemala, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. The estimated Ready for Service (RFS) date will be Q2 2024.

David Blau, COO at Ocean Networks said: “We are pleased to be working with Trans Ocean Network, they are well positioned in Panama. Trans Ocean was able to provide us with a cost effective, turnkey solution that includes everything from bore pipes, cable landing stations, diverse dark fiber routes across Panama and all associated services.”

Joaquin Victoria, General Manager at Trans Ocean Network, added: “We are pleased to be supporting Ocean Networks and the Caribbean Express system in Panama. Ocean Networks recognizes our experience and proven success supporting other fiber networks in Panama. We feel the CX system is important for the Republic of Panama, as it provides a more direct and cost effective route to the United States.”

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