Realizing your company’s vision requires a team with a diverse set of skills and experiences that changes over time. Building that team requires time and resources. Commenda brings a lot more to the table than just capital. Through our team of seasoned experts, Commenda offers hands-on tactical support across industries and functional areas.


Executive Management

Often times a company needs certain senior level management skills not currently available on the team. We can provide on-demand temporary staffing support for a short-term bridge event such as a merger, acquisition, divestiture, capital raise, restructuring or turnaround. A company can have only one CEO and that person needs to focus on running the company. Often key executives are distracted from their core business when they are pulled into a transaction whether it be a capital raise, an acquisition or a sale. If the core business falters, so does the transaction. Commenda maintains a strong bench of in-house operating experts to assist senior management get from point A to point B without losing momentum.

You can trust that Commenda’s operating expertise will help to assure that your transaction is completed on time and on budget, supported by an operating team of seasoned experts.


Strategic Planning

A sound strategic plan is the roadmap to achieving your vision and the evidence investors look for of how you will create value. Developing that plan answers some of the most basic questions.

  • What solution are you bringing to your market and what differentiates you from everyone else?
  • Who are your clients and who are your competitors?
  • How will you create operating efficiencies, improve margins and ultimately cash flow?
  • How is your company capitalized and how will you fund the opportunities that take you to the next level?

Commenda advises senior management teams on strategic plan development and the various financing options available to fund growing companies. You can count on the expertise of our experienced team to help you formulate a strategic plan that helps you achieve your vision.


Marketing and Distribution

Selling more of your product or service is the ideal way to generate capital that funds your growth. That requires a high-impact marketing plan that answers many questions.

  • What is your company’s value proposition?
  • What differentiates your company? What makes it unique? Do you have a “secret sauce”?
  • Are your products patented or proprietary?
  • How do you access new clients?
  • How do you interact with you existing clients?

The answers to these questions can make a huge difference when it comes to marketing your products or to marketing your securities when you raise capital. Our team can help unearth opportunities that many times our clients had not previously considered. We use our vast network to help clients get to where they need to be from a marketing and distribution perspective.

Commenda’s decades of experience in all types of markets will help you “close the sale”.


Human Resources

Sometimes taking it to the next level requires skills and experiences your team lacks. Commenda can help you identify, negotiate and hire those key managers that you’ll need to grow your business.

  • How strong and deep is your bench?
  • Are you lacking critical skills necessary to achieve your growth objectives?
  • Do your incentive programs align your team toward your vision?
  • How efficient are your benefit programs? Are they taking care of your people?

We work with clients to help them identify, recruit and incentivize high-impact senior executives and board members. We possess the expertise to help you instill HR best practices across your organization.


Investment Management

Clients often engage Commenda to help evaluate investment opportunities. We understand private markets and you can lean on our due diligence and vetting expertise.

Commenda has a deep pool of Family Office investors with very long-term investment horizons. Over the years, we have helped these families evaluate and manage private illiquid investments to achieve above average returns while also avoiding taxable events. This approach has enabled these Family Offices to achieve compound growth on a tax advantaged basis. Commenda has been their trusted advisor for decades.

You can trust Commenda’s experienced team to be an extension of your due diligence efforts.


Operational Support

Often times, we find that clients lack certain resources necessary from a talent standpoint that cannot be rectified through full-time hiring solutions for a variety of reasons. Commenda possesses an experienced, deep team with a wealth of operational expertise ready to help clients grow, prepare for an event or funding, or restructure operations, to name a few. From accounting, to marketing, to c-level support, we can put to work a multitude of internal Commenda solutions at a moment’s notice. Commenda’s operational support has helped many clients increase operational efficiencies, many times with a clear benefit to their bottom line.

You can trust Commenda’s seasoned experts to help your business.


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