Sell or Transition Ownership

Selling your Business

The normal transition of a business is to start with a brilliant idea, nurture it, bring on the right people, build your customer base and service offering and create value for all of your stakeholders. At some point, you may choose to sell a division or the entire company. In other situations, it makes more sense to merge with other companies to create synergies. Because we have been here before, we know that you have options and lots of choices to make if you hope to realize the benefits of your hard work. You can trust Commenda to help you select the best option for all of your stakeholders: a merger, divestiture or a straight sale on terms that will create the best outcome for you. We know that it’s not always just the price but also the terms and the tax impact as well as the contingent liabilities that need to be addressed.

Commenda has helped many clients determine the best exit options for them and to negotiate the optimal terms. You can trust Commenda’s team to optimize your company’s value when you sell or divest, because we bring large corporate expertise to lower middle market companies like yours. We want you to realize the benefits of everything you have built.


Transition Ownership

Transition of ownership is always a significant event for any company, whether it be bringing in new investors or helping founders sell or transition to new owners. It takes planning. It takes positioning. It takes marketing to all of your stakeholders: shareholders, employees and customers alike. After all, a transition in ownership is realizing your long-term goals. It’s everything you have been working for and now it’s time to pass the baton. How do you do that? Who can you discuss this with? Who can help you negotiate the best terms, perform due diligence, help retain employees and customers? In other words, who can be your trusted advisor during this process?

Commenda has helped many clients implement such transition plans. You can trust Commenda and our experienced team to make this a smooth business transition that will optimize your company’s value, so you can realize the benefits of everything you have built.


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