Capital Formation

Companies often think capital will fix operating problems, accelerate growth or facilitate a transaction. That is not always the case. In fact, we find the best source of capital is sometimes your own cash flow. However, in many cases accessing capital is the right solution and we know what your company needs to do upfront to prepare for access and we are here to help you navigate the markets.


Debt – Public and Private

Debt is always cheaper than equity, right? The debt markets are constantly shifting and to some degree debt alternatives can be more complicated and risky than equity. While debt may be a very affordable source of capital, it may not always make sense or be available to your company.

  • What is the experience and expertise of the equity investors?
  • Will those investors be active or passive?
  • Are they control investors or minority investors?
  • Can they open doors for your company with new customers or sales channels?
  • Does their equity investment serve as an endorsement of your company and its technology in the marketplace?

Depending on the answers to these and other questions, equity capital from the RIGHT investors may be the least expensive source of funding in the long-run.


Asset Sales

When seeking capital we often fail to look in our own backyard. In many cases, the assets on your balance sheet may be your greatest source of liquidity. Commenda can help you strategically identify which assets will get you the capital you need at the most attractive terms.

  • Do you have assets that are underutilized or could be held more efficiently in the hands of someone else? What about client lists, accounts receivable, inventories, purchase orders, manufacturing equipment or patents and other intangible assets that may have value?
  • Which assets, what are they worth and who would buy them?
  • If they are critical to my business, how do I monetize them while continuing to use them?

We can help quantify the potential capital such assets could generate for your company and which funding sources might provide that liquidity. Commenda works with a long list of Family Offices, Private Equity Groups (PEGs), asset based lenders, non-bank funding sources and leasing companies that can provide creative funding options for the capital your company needs. Trust Commenda to find creative solutions so you can realize your vision.

You can trust Commenda to put together the offering package to raise the capital, negotiate the terms and manage the process so your company can get the capital it needs on the most attractive terms possible


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