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Recovery Force Raises $10 MM to Launch Mobility Device for Hospitals

October 29, 2019

“Led by the co-founder of Illinois-based Sage Products and Indiana Spine Ventures, a progressive group of healthcare innovators and experts, this round of funding affirms an industry need for our platform technology,” said Recovery Force Founder, President and CEO Matthew Wyatt. He added, “The addition of Vinnie Foglia to our Board provides additional strategic industry relationships, product development and operations guidance, and insight for the company.”

The funding continues Recovery Force’s rapid momentum as it steadily advances toward market entry. In 2017, Recovery Force announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to assist in developing its next-generation early mobility technology. That collaboration with clinicians and patients at Mayo and other key sites greatly accelerated development, assessment, and validation needed to bring the Mobile Active Compressions™ System to market.

The technology and data utilized by the system brings transparency to physicians and caregivers on the patient’s mobility progress allowing them to intervene and mobilize patients early in their hospital stay to prevent non-reimbursable hospital-acquired events such as: deep vein thrombosis, pressure injuries, pneumonia, trips & falls, and delirium. Clinical areas including critical care, progressive care, surgical, cardio, orthopedic, stroke, and many other units will benefit from the mobility data and DVT prevention provided by the MAC System in an effort to reduce the length of stay of patients in the hospital.

Recovery Force’s technology threatens to replace the current hospital standard of care called intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) devices that are required after all surgeries. Worn on the calf from knee to ankle and connected to tubes and pump, the IPC devices increase blood flow to prevent clots, yet completely limit patient mobility when in use.

Nurses and caregivers openly share frustration with the current standard of care due to the cumbersome and noisy electrically powered machines involving cords and tubes that are prone to tangling, tripping, or even pressure injuries due to prolonged periods against the skin. Patients in the hospital often complain the sleeves, embedded with air bladders, make their calves sweaty, itchy, and irritated – all of which contribute to low patient compliance to an important clinical application.

Recovery Force’s Mobile Active Compression (MAC™) technology eliminates the clumsy air hoses and power cords, operating on a low profile, rechargeable 40-hour lithium-ion battery, seamlessly fitting into the complex workflow of the hospital.

The new round of funding will further accelerate the commercialization of the MAC System’s final phase as Recovery Force moves from development to production, distribution, and sales.

About Recovery Force
Recovery Force is the global leader in developing wearable and data-driven, early mobility medical devices to enhance patient’s circulation. The company has developed non-pneumatic platform technologies including the ability to embed shape-changing memory fibers into various types of garments and footwear to enhance circulation.

Recovery Force’s portfolio includes medical devices that will reduce post-operative pain, swelling and wound healing time; treat chronic lymphedema; prevent blood clots (DVT); and alleviate joint pain and sore muscles. The same technology used in healthcare is also available to sports enthusiasts and athletes, providing enhanced circulation during warm-up and recovery to achieve optimal performance.

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