Jerry Anderson

Jerry has over 37 years of experience and front-line executive involvement, as a principal, an independent partner/contractor and as an employee, with highly regarded publicly and privately held market-leading commercial real estate development, asset management and brokerage companies with decades of passion and experience in development, deal-making & leasing, valuation & markets and financing, construction, acquisition and disposition and asset and operations management. Anderson’s development, leasing, brokerage, marketing and asset management consultancy work has led him to various project work in and on multiples of millions of square feet of CRE developments and transactions in multiple product-type silos of CRE in 300+ US markets nationally incalculably valued in the $billions.

His successes in CRE-related ventures in over 30 US states have also led him into successful endeavors in invention, product-development and, ultimately, manufacturing where, as a manufacturer/owner/principal, Anderson has developed and manufactured life-safety technologies, logistics-based products & systems and other forward thinking projects for broad commercial and consumer consumers and marketplaces. His passion remains focused on ideation, innovation and the re-invention of CRE developments, CRE service companies and product-oriented enterprises and their wares.

Jerry is degreed from The University of Texas at Austin- McComb’s School of Business and is headquartered near Austin, Texas.


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