MT-7 Framework: The 7 Steps to MedTech Marketing Success and Growth.

April 25, 2019

By Guillaume Viallaneix (MedTech Momentum)

Most Medical Technology companies are in a conundrum when trying to achieve MedTech marketing success and growth. The old ways of pushing new technologies, with traditional sales & marketing strategies are gone, and the ever-evolving Internet revolution is not conducive to developing distribution networks and building personal relationships with physicians… so they say!

The reality is that MedTech organizations have never had such an opportunity to rapidly grow, scale, create value and most importantly, build meaningful long-term relationships with their audience, including physicians.

This is a direct result of the Internet and Social Media Era. It is available today to those who understand the opportunity and realize that there is a formula available right now to unleash its power called, the “MT-7 Framework for Growth.” This formula has been developed by a group of Medical Technology experts and Digital Marketing gurus and can be summarized in 7-steps that leads to MedTech marketing success and growth!

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