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Commenda Capital Announces Affiliation with The Dash Group

October 30, 2017

ATLANTA, October 23, 2017Commenda Capital has announced an affiliation with The Dash Group, a boutique consulting firm specializing in leadership and organizational development.  Through its affiliation with Commenda, DASH will address two critical areas of concern for executive leaders seeking to grow their companies: 1) Identification of leadership and organizational strengths and vulnerabilities 2) Optimization of human capital.

Identification of organizational and leadership strengths and vulnerabilities – Critical to growth of a company is ensuring the leadership and organizational foundation necessary to sustain growth.  Vulnerabilities affecting that might include the company’s culture, leadership, proper succession planning, dysfunctional operational teams or poor organizational practices and habits.  The Dash Group has expertise in uncovering those areas and offering recommendations to close gaps so that the organization functions more efficiently and effectively.  Resolving these issues positions the company for accelerated growth and transformative value creation.

Optimization of human capital – The second area where The Dash Group will add value is by executing developmental strategy in order to optimize human capital.  The Dash Group has more than a decade of experience and expertise in leadership development, culture change, team building, succession planning, and shoring up human capital issues that may be causing dysfunction within a company.  Dash provides certified executive coaches and other methodologies to help companies maximize productivity and functionality assuring optimal value and profitability.

The Dash Group affiliation with Commenda enables the team to deliver both human capital solutions as well as financial capital solutions to support healthy growing companies.  Both Commenda and The Dash Group are excited about their expanded service offerings that will assure the ongoing organizational, operational and financial success of their clients’ business strategies.


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The Dash Group: The Dash Group is a boutique consulting firm passionate about helping its clients achieve organizational health and develop effective leaders.  Over the past decade, Dash has found that unhealthy companies are sluggish and have an organizational drag that decreases the productivity and capacity of their most valuable resource, their people.  Much like a healthy person, a healthy organization has higher levels of energy, is more productive, and is capable of reaching its full potential.

For additional information please visit: or contact:  Cindy Barber [email protected], 770-906-7117

Commenda Capital, LLC is a merchant banking firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA.  It supports lower and middle-market companies seeking capital for growth, recapitalization, shareholder liquidity, and restructuring.  Commenda supports its clients with services that go beyond financial capital, including targeted marketing plans, strategic planning, and operational resources. Commenda calls this “Capital+”.  It’s the “+” that is critical to our clients’ success as they create long-term sustainable value.

For additional information please visit or contact: John Runningen, [email protected], 770-858-0085

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