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Who We Are . . .

Our sources of capital are from more than 125 investors made up large family offices, individuals, institutions, foundations, and hedge funds.  For the right deal we can close very quickly, when timing is critical.

Our typical transaction size is between $2 million and $50 million, for those companies that meet our investment criteria outlined below:

1. Established innovative company with revenue

2. History of Cash Flow

3. Tangible and Intangible Assets:

      - Accounts Receivable      - Inventory

      - Equipment                       - Client Lists

      - Real Estate                      - Licenses

      - Intellectual Property         - Leases

      - Patents

Commenda Capital is a financial advisory firm and a merchant bank that assists established management teams with the tools, contacts, business strategies critical to growing their business. We also provide the capital necessary to exercise those strategies.

Our approach to funding enables companies that need cash, but have exhausted traditional lending sources, to pull liquidity - vital to operations - out of their tangible assets. We can do this because we know your industry, we recognize the value of your assets and we know how to help your company grow rapidly to achieve a clearly defined objective.

We understand how to mitigate our investment risks so that we can provide the growth strategies, contacts, and capital that you need to grow your business at a time when your full attention to operations (not raising capital) is critical.

Historical Note: Commenda is the original form of commercial partnerships. It was first used in the eleventh century by Italian merchants when Europe was experiencing increased spice trade from the orient. Western merchants engaged in remote shipping ventures and, as a result, became aware of the business practices and commercial legal codes of Byzantium and the Islamic states. While they were familiar with the  commercial laws of Rome, as reflected in the Justinian Code,  Western merchants borrowed the commenda, as reflected in Islamic law and combined it with the Roman societies to create the forms of commercial trade agreements that we enjoy today. For those early global merchants the Commenda was the FIRST and most enduring partnership for financing growing companies.
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